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Horní Radechová - Slavíkov

Tower on Signál hill

Technical specification:

Výška rozhlednyTower height 29 m
Výška plošinyPlatform height 25,2 m
OtevřeníOfficially opened to the public December 13, 2014
GPSGPS: 50°27'39.785"N, 16°9'57.556"E
Whitin the project "Places of Many Views in the Glacensis Euroregion" a new lookout tower was built on the Signál hill (496 m a.s.l.) not far from Horní Radechová, in the local part of Slavíkov. A wooden construction with a steel staircase in the form of screw has a viewing platform in the height of 25,2 m above ground, which enables a panoramic view reaching ingo great distances. Due to the height of its structure, this lookout tower ranks among the tallest of the newly built lookout tower is impossible to overlook. Apart from other things, from the tower we can well see a line of fortresses of the Czech pre-war fortification, which belonged to the system with the code name of Zbečník.
Construction investor: Branka, generally beneficial society
Contract: Tesmen Ltd. company, Olešnice by Červený Kostelec
Project architect: Ing. Antonín Olšina
Opening hours:
Season October - April
Mo - Fr    unlimited  
Sa    unlimited
Su    unlimited
Season May -
Mo - Fr     unlimited
Sa     unlimited
Su     unlimited
Photo gallery lookout
Na Signálu
Na Signálu
Na Signálu
Na Signálu
Na Signálu
Photo gallery from the opening of the observation tower
Na Signálu otevření
Photo gallery during construction observation tower
Horní Radechová stavba
Horní Radechová stavba
Horní Radechová stavba
Horní Radechová stavba
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Euroregion Pomezí Čech, Moravy a Kladska - Euroregion Glacensis
Panská 1492
516 01 Rychnov nad Kněžnou