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Sommerouse of Love

Kudowa Zdrój

Sommerouse of Love

Technical specification:

Výška rozhlednyTower height
Výška plošinyPlatform height
OtevřeníOfficially opened to the public October 2, 2014
GPSGPS: 50°26'42.630" N 16°14'47.815" E
Within the project "Places of Many Views in the Glacensis Euroregion", in cooperation with the town of Kudowa - Zdrój, the vantage point on the Park Mountain called Altana Miłości (Sommerhouse of Love) was modernized, including the modernization of the stairs and paths leading towards the summerhouse. The heart in the roof frame of the sommerhouse suggests that it really is a place of love dates. However, if you happen to be rejected by your partner, you can recover in the natural gym alogside the paths of the Park Mountain or have a swim in the aquapark under the mountain.
Within the costs of the project, also the pruning of view-obstructing trees was secured.. The timber summerhouse above the town offers a view of the spa park and at good visitibily also of the range of the Orlické Mountains.
Construction investor: town of Kudowa-Zdrój
Constract: Zakład Budowlany AWO Andrzej Wołoszyn
Project architect: VERTIGO Margareta Jarczewska
Opening hours:
Season October - April
Mo - Fr  unlimited
Sa  unlimited
Su  unlimited
Season May -
Mo - Fr   unlimited 
Sa   unlimited
Su   unlimited
Photo gallery from the opening of the sommerhouse
Altán lásky otevření
Altán lásky otevření
Altán lásky otevření
Altán lásky otevření
Photos from the course of construction
Kudowa stavba
Kudowa stavba
Kudowa stavba
Kudowa stavba
Kudowa stavba
Kudowa stavba
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