Tower Mariánka

Horní Čermná

Tower Mariánka

Technical specification:

Výška rozhlednyTower height 23 m
Výška plošinyPlatform height 18,8 m
OtevřeníOfficially opened to the public September 6, 2014
GPSGPS: 49°57'43.255" N, 16°35'45.213" E
North of Lanškroun, in the village of Horní Čermná on Mariánská hora Mt. (503 m a.s.l.), there stands a completely new lookout tower called Mariánka. It was built by the municipality within the project "Places of Many Views in the Glacensis Euroregion" using EU funding. The main construction materials of the new lookout tower are wood and stone, the spiral staircase is made of steel. This lookout tower stands not far from the pilgrimage chuchr on Mariánská Mountain, which empties into the North Sea. Off the right hillside the water flows in the southeast direction into the Moravská Sázava river, Morava river and the Danube and empties into the Black Sea.
The lookout tower offers its visitors a view into all directions. We can see the Orlické Mountains, the Jeseníky Mountains with their peaks, the Suchý Hill or the town of Lanškroun and its suroundings.
Construction investor: village of Horní Čermná
Contractor: NBS Invest, Ltd., Havířov
Project architect: Ing. Martin Novák
Opening hours:
Season April - October
Mo - Fr  unlimited
Sa  unlimited
Su  unlimited
Season November -
Mo - Fr    closed   
Sa    closed
Su    closed
Photo gallery from the opening of the observation tower
Rozhledna Mariánka otevření
Rozhledna Mariánka otevření
Rozhledna Mariánka otevření
Photo gallery during construction observation tower
Rozhledna Mariánka stavba
Rozhledna Mariánka stavba
Rozhledna Mariánka stavba
Rozhledna Mariánka stavba
Rozhledna Mariánka stavba
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Euroregion Pomezí Čech, Moravy a Kladska - Euroregion Glacensis
Panská 1492
516 01 Rychnov nad Kněžnou