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Lead project partner:

Polish part of the Euroregion - Association of municipalities at the basin of the river Horní Odra (Povodí Horní Odry) - Euroregion Silesia

Project partners in the Czech Republic:

  • Euroregion Nisa
  • Euroregion Praděd
  • Euroregionu Silesia
  • Euroregion Těšínské Slezsko
  • Euroregion Beskydy
  • Euroregion Glacensis

Project partners in Poland:

  • Euroregion Nisa
  • Euroregion  Praděd
  • Euroregion Těšínské Slezsko
  • Euroregion Glacensis

Time frame:

  • Implementation in the period 2012 -2013


  • Operational Programme of Cross-Border Cooperation Czech Republic – Poland 2007-2013

Overall budget:

  • Overall budget is estimated at EUR 345,543.00
  • Budget of the Euroregion Glacensis is estimated at  EUR 59,695.80

Project aim:

  • The main objective is to deepen mutual cooperation and gaining new experience in euroregions on the Czech-Polish border as a basis for the preparation of future programming period after 2013. The project also aims to promote the effort to improve conditions for the implementation and perception of cross-border cooperation of Czech-Polish euroregions as a model as well as the promotion of cooperation comprehensively understood in the Czech Republic and Poland, and also outside this area, i.e. within the EU. One of the main objectives is to create a document - Analyses of issues of cross-border cooperation. It will be a comprehensive document mapping system problems and obstacles hindering the development of cross-border cooperation in various fields of action. The processed material will form the basis to initiate subsequent changes in laws, regulations and standards to improve  the conditions for cross-border cooperation in various fields.

Activities of   the project:

Mutual knowledge and cooperation development
  • three-day meeting in individual euroregions where specific issues about a cross-border  cooperation will be discussed and subsequently described in the Analysis of cross-border issues
  • 2 meetings in a year are scheduled and each EURG (CZ + PL)  is responsible for organizing one of the meetings
Gaining experience abroad
  • this is a study tour abroad during the project implementation (French-Belgian borderland, the Institute of Kehl and Conference of European Association of Border Regions)
Analysis of cross-border issues
  • Analysis of issues of a cross-border cooperation in the Czech and Polish language version
  • data acquisition will be performed during Euro-regional meetings and with the active participation of working groups of the Czech-Polish intergovernmental commission
Promotional and informational activities
  • arrangement of four conferences (in Ostrava, the Krkonoše Mountains, Warsaw and Ratiboř)
  • creating a common website in Czech, Polish, German, English and French language translations
  • publication of a Czech-Polish borderland map in Czech, Polish and English version
  • publication of a paperback book about a cross-border cooperation in all euroregions in Czech and Polish, overview in English version as well

Some of the selected Euroregion Glacensis activities:

  • processing  Analysis of cross-border issues processed by an external firm
  • organization of a conference presenting first results of the project in Trutnov, which is open to expert public engaged in the cross-border cooperation
EG Representatives (representatives and staff) will participate in activities organized by other project partners.

So far, no activity has been recorded, the project budget of each partner is still being negotiated, because the monitoring committee have doubts about numbers of foreign internships. For this reason, the contract has not been signed nor is the amount of subsidy is known.
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